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    DEEX token underwent successful listing on BTC-ALPHA exchange

    Автор: adminкатегория: Новостидата: 7-08-2018, 16:17

    DEEX decentralized cryptocurrency exchange comes up with yet update on its current progress. DEEX token was listed on the BTC-ALPHA exchange. Token is already on the list of trading pairs and in the increase of trading volume and liquidity is expected in the near future.

    Blockchain allows implementing projects with functionality that easily integrates the creative ideas of developers with the power and flexibility of distributed ledger systems. The symbiosis of creativity and technology is exactly what makes unique developments popular, bringing real benefits not only to ordinary people, but to the entire blokchain community.

    One of such projects is Artex. The listing of its tokens on DEEX has become the first step towards expanding the services for listing of erc-20 tokens. Previously, DEEX team successfully tested atomic swaps for DEEX token, now it is time to launch a mass program for listing erc-20 tokens of the most interesting projects.

    As of now, it doesn’t make much sense for such projets to seek listing on large and well-promoted exchanges, since it is fraught with losses of funds and removal from trading lists in the future due to sanctions and harsh regulatory measures applied to centralized crypto exchanges. In the middle of July, Roger Ver, who is a well-renown crypto guru also known as Bitcoin Jesus, once again tried to draw the attention of the crypto-community to Bitcoin Cash and urged those crypto exchanges that have not yet placed trading pairs with BCH on their sites, to do so.

    DEEX decided to support his initiative and opened a BCH gateway. “The real Bitcoin” – as some digital finance experts call it, is available for trading.

    On June 25-26, large investors and blockchain specialists from around the world gathered in Frankfurt, Germany to discuss the development of digital financial systems and the implementation of blockchain into economic sectors. It is no accident that Frankfurt was chosen as the venue for the world Blockchain Summit. The government of this country was one of the first to use blockchain for projects in the energy and aerospace sectors. The European Union announced that the development of this technology is becoming one of the highest priorities in 2018.

    DEEX also took part in this summit. Sergey Sevantsyan, one of the leading specialists in the field of blockchain projects, visited the forum immediately after participating in Crypto Valley Conference. Partnership relations were established with several promising projects.

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    25 мая состоялось открытие альфа-версии лучшей децентрализованной криптовалютной биржи Deex Exchange.

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